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Início / EUW Amateur Tournament LegendsBR #1

EUW Amateur Tournament LegendsBR #1

Sign Up:

All players need to register an account in Battlefy and to be able to receive prizes is also needed to register at our event at Riot Games event pages!

Brackets: http://lolbr.com/euwtourney1

Prizes: http://lolbr.com/euwprizes1


  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Game Type: 5×5 Competitive Tournament
  • Date: December 03 and 04
  • Server: EUW
  • Note: To be able to receive prizes it is needed that every players of the team register at our event at Riot Games event pages!!!


    1600 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost
    1200 RP, 4-Win IP Boost
    800 RP, 4-Win IP Boost
    400 RP, 4-Win IP Boost
    4-Win IP Boost


  • Start of Registration: 10/30/2016
  • End of Registration: The start of the check in
  • Check-in Starts: 12/03/2016 as 00:01 PM (12:01)
  • Check-in END: 12/03/2016 as 00:59 PM (12:59)
  • Round 1: 12/03/2016 as 01:00 PM (13:00)
  • Round 2 to 5: When the match is ready
  • Round 6: 12/03/2016 as 01:00 PM (13:00)
  • Round 7 to final: When ready
  • Match Check in activated (Wo registered automaticaly by Battlefy)

Note: All times of the tournament are according to GMT +1 (CET)

How to Register

  • All players register at riot games event page – Click Here
  • The captain and all player create their account at http://battlefy.com/
  • The captain create a team in the battlefy
  • The captain add the summoner name or battlefy nick name of the other player plus their email to invite the players
  • The other players accept the invitation by mail
  • The captain register the team at battlefy tournament
  • The captain needs to do the check in that start 1 hour before the tournament begins, otherwise the team will not participate in the tournament.

Note: After the captain register the team in the tournament it is not possible to register more people to it, if is needed the captain needs to remove the team from the tournament and register again.
Note²: After the registration of the team in the battlefy tournament if there is reserve players the captain needs to arrange the roster to add then.


All communication will be made in our discord chat. To enter in our discord click in connect in the widget bellow: