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last update: 06/02/2015


LegendsBR is a Brazilian fansite about League of Legends – MOBA developed and published by Riot Games, released in 2009.
In early 2010, a forum was opened in order to gather the League’s Brazilian community. With the game’s success (currently one of the most played in the world!), LegendsBR experienced continuous growth over the years. A news and articles website was created as well as social media pages.
In its history, LegendsBR conducted more than 20 competitions, ranging from amateurs to professionals. Its greatest exponent is the traditional Torneio dos Legends.


Our permanent focus is to maintain the Portuguese speaking community well informed about everything that happens in the League of Legends universe, and offer a friendly space for player interaction. We promote contests and sweepstakes regularly, in addition to online tournaments.

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